Cool Things to Do with a Router!

A trim router is a tool that might not get much use in some shops, but it is a unique and surprisingly versatile tool. They’re lightweight, surprisingly powerful, and small enough to go places other bulky routers can’t. If you only use yours for trimming plastic laminate, think again.

Dewalt Router is a Hand Tool or Power Tool that a Worker Uses to Rout out an Area in a Relatively Hard Material Like Wood or Plastic. a soft start to eliminate small initial movements that might misalign the cutter, especially important with such a powerful router.

The DeWalt DCW604N 18v XR Brushless 1/4 “router is ideal for a wide range of tasks including routing for inlay cavities and hinge Mortis, rounding over edges, flush hardwood edging, and much more. 


  • Spindle lock mechanism for quick and easy cutter changes with a single spanner
  • A soft start to eliminate small initial movements that might misalign the cutter, especially important with such a powerful router.
  • Depth ring and clamping mechanism combine to ensure motor remains locked in position

Other Benefits:

  1. Create a Rounded Edge

If you are making a table, nightstand, or bench that starts out with a square edge, you can round it out by using a router. Rounded edges are often more aesthetically pleasing than straight edges. This might also be useful if you have small children and want to eliminate sharp edges on furniture for their safety.

  1. Make a Sign

Start by drawing your design onto your piece of wood. You can use a round nose, v-groove, or square end router bit for hollowing out the lettering. 

3.      Make a Cutting Board

You can quickly make a cutting board with a rectangular piece of wood. Start by rounding the edges of the board. Finish the piece by hollowing out a groove one or two inches from the edge of the board, all the way around.

  1. Bevel a Frame

You can create a picture frame with a beveled edge out of pieces of wood and a router. Do an internet search for “making picture frames” to start.

Use your router to shape the outside and inside edges of the frame. Then, put the pieces together using the instructions you found.

  1. Ball Bearings Reduce Marring

Ball-bearing-guided bits greatly reduce the risk of marring and can be used without a lubricant. The bearings do wear out, so you should replace them as soon as they show signs that they’re not spinning freely. 

  1. Use it For Wood

A trim router is also great for light-duty wood routing, because it’s compact and lightweight. It can easily handle a small profile bit for edge trimming or even a small straight bit for shallow grooving.

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