Impact Wrench – Brushless Motor

The Makita DTW450 Impact Wrench is a powerful but compact and lightweight cordless impact wrench featuring rubber joint construction for minimum battery failure. The Impact Wrench has a large rocker switch to secure the battery housing for convenience and comfort and shock-absorbing handle. A single LED job light with an individual on/off switch illuminates the work area. The large bumper protects the workpiece against scratches, making it more maneuverable.

A rubberized soft grip, the ergonomically designed handle provides greater strength and comfort. This little machine will make your life much easier if you can deliver up to 3200 blows per minute.

  • Compact & lightweight at only 3.4kg provides more control and maneuverability
  • Easy to operate by a large rocker switch
  • LED job light can be turned on/off with an independent switch
  • Ergonomically designed handle with soft grip

Brushless Motor:

Brushless motors allow Makita to build an impact driver with a head length of just 140 mm, making it lightweight enough to operate even in the tightest spaces. Plus you’ll have a 1.4 kg measuring machine in your pocket.

Loads of Speed, Loads of Impact:

Given its ultra-compact footprint, thanks to Makita’s excellent XR Switch, this model manages to pump out plenty of power from the brushless motor, all operated at your fingertips via the variable speed button.

LED light:

Operating in confined spaces means you are usually in the dark. But you will have plenty of light to see just what you’re doing thanks to the bright LED halo ring around the 1/4′′ hex drive.

Quality of the chuck.

Metal is almost always better than plastic

Impacts or beats per minute.

The higher the number, the most blows will be delivered to the business end of your drill bit when drilling into brick or masonry

The amount of torque.

Torque is going to determine how well the drill will turn screws into the material, particularly important if you need to push big screws into tough material.


  • Voltage: 18V
  • Charge time: 22min
  • Square drive: 12.7mm (1/2″)
  • Impacts per minute: 2,200ipm
  • No-load speed: 1,600rpm
  • Max. fastening torque: 440Nm

Toptopdeal gives you more control and maneuverability because of the compact size of this impact wrench and the low weight.  The powerful 4 pole motor causes low weight. The afterglow functional LED light provides vital illumination under poor conditions. Before the machine begins the light can be turned on by gently pressing on the button.