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Toptopdeal is a famous online store to buy Circular saws from the UK. Makita Circular saws are handy tools for both professional contractors. Sawing wood and other materials is also one of the most common activities at home and for trade work this autumn as well. Makita power tool is a critical skill to master because workers rely heavily on the circular saw for making quick, accurate cuts during all phases of construction, from forming the foundation to framing the roof. As one of the necessary “tools of the trade”, it is critical that the operator has the skill and ability to use the saw correctly, ensuring their safety and the quality of the wor

Types of Makita Circular Saw

  • Makita HS301DZ 10.8V CXT 85mm Cordless Circular Saw Body Only
  • Makita DSS611Z 18V Li-Ion 165mm Cordless Circular Saw Body Only
  • Makita DSS610Z 18V Li-Ion Circular Saw 165mm Body Only
  • Makita DSS501Z 18V LXT Li-Ion Cordless 136mm Circular Saw Body Only
  • Makita DRS780Z 36V LXT Cordless Brushless 185mm Circular Saw Body Only
  • Makita DHS710ZJ 36V Twin 18V 190mm Circular Saw Body Only & Case
  • Makita DHS660Z 18V LXT 165mm Brushless Circular Saw Body Only

Blade visibility

There will be plenty of instances where the cut line indicator is out of sight. A spinning circular saw blade enters the bottom of the board and exits through the top, and as a result, splintering often occurs on the top surface. When the blade is installed in the circular saw ensure that all nuts, bolts, and other attachments are tightened. If the saw is poorly designed, you’ll notice your view is obstructed by handles, guards, spindle locks, or by your hands while you grip it. This helps keep the blade in place. Also, the blade must be held tightly against the saw for safety concerns.   


The first thing to consider about the baseplate of the saw is what material it’s made from. Circular saws are popular handheld power tools that are a must-have addition to any carpenter’s or builder’s collection. You would be hard-pressed to see a renovator or construction worker without one. If the baseplate is made from aluminum, there’s a good chance it will bend. A circular saw uses electricity to power its ever-spinning blade. Professionals and beginners alike can get plenty of use from this kind of saw, as the circular blade sizes vary per project.

Safety First

At the start of each workday, run a quick safety check on the saw: Most importantly, always wear eye protection when operating a circular saw. Makita Circular Saw easy to use. This is not a complete list.  Be sure to take a MEMIC Minute, go over the safety tips above, and be safe when you operate a circular saw.

Cutting Capacity

Makita Circular saw Check the cutting surface for metal objects like nails or screws. This circular saw does a bit better compare to the 2-3/8 inches of the Makita500F. It can cut at 2-1/2 inches perpendicularly. This particular cutting capacity is more than enough for most consumers as commercial stock rarely exceeds 1-1/2 inches in thickness. A good indicator allows you to cut on either the left or right of your line, depending on your preference.