Makita DHP481Z 18V 185mm Xgt® 40v Max Brushless Hammer Drill Body Only

Choosing the Right Hammer Drill can be challenging and frustrating to suit your job needs. Manufacturers of power tools like to produce us with various brand new features and benefits, higher speed and torque levels, higher capacity, and new cordless batteries.

Makita has ever produced the latest and strongest Makita DHP481Z 18V 185 mm Xgt ® 40v Max Brushless Hammer Drill Body Only. That would see it with the ability to deal with up to 5/8′′ pieces of masonry or larger, 1/2′′ of steel drilling, and 3′′ of wood power. It will produce 31,500 high gear impacts per minute and 8,250 low gear impacts per minute.

This drill gives you versatility and full control with forward and reverses rotation. The Makita DHP481Z 182MM is fitted with XPT (extreme security technology) and a brushless engine that improves the drill’s runtime.

Two main functions:

  • The ability to drive screws
  • Drill holes into wood and metal

With this Hammer Drill, you will be able to drill holes, as well as the top torque setting, as this will affect the kind of materials that you can effectively drill screws into. Torque can be adjusted to 21 alternative settings and has a special mode of drilling. Slide in a spade bit, push through 21 mm holes into wood, swap it out and drill a respectable 10 mm in steel.


This hammer drill is available in two-speed mode:

  • 1. Low speeds for applications with high torque such as screw driving.
  • 2.  For applications such as metal or wood drilling, higher speeds are required.

keyless chuck:

The 13 mm single sleeve keyless chuck allows 16 mm masonry capacity, 13 mm steel capacity and 76 mm timber capacity. It is ideal for moving quickly from drilling to driving. And you can play with up to 30Nm of torque.


It’s a comfortable little tool to hold in your hand throughout the day, Net Weight (Approx. Kg) with 1.5/2Ah Batt: 2.5. Net Weight (Approx. Kg) with 3/4/5Ah Batt: 2.7 and it’s wrapped in the soft, rubbery grip we’re expecting to see on a Makita power tool. Use the belt hook to slide it onto your belt or stand it up wherever you need it to be, a new option for a 10.8v Makita tool.

Why it is Hammer drill is best?     

This is a quick-release style mechanism that differs from the chucks found on combi and drill drivers. The drill hammer is all about hi-torque, coupled with high impact levels. A typical hammer drill will deliver higher torque levels than even the top-of-the-range combi drill. It’s barely longer than the fist you’re holding it in, making it perfect for work in confined space. Extreme Protection Technology (XPT), increased resistance to dust and water in harsh conditions for service.

Makita DHP481Z 18V 185 mm Xgt ® 40v Max Brushless Hammer Drill Body Only is available from Toptopdeal. It is the most powerful tool for any job site. It’s the brushless hammer drill XGT-branded. Single sleeve keyless chuck allows simple one-hand bit installation/removal, variable trigger speed control and 21 clutch settings, and additional fastening control drill mode. It also allows afterglow, electrical brake and forward / reverse rotation of twin LED work light. It is designed primarily to drive screws into hard workpieces.