Makita Diamond Core Drilling – Key Advantages and Features.

Makita diamond core drills are power tools and hands. It uses a rotary drill to build precisely measured holes with a diamond core attached. It is ideal to create openings in a wide variety of materials including concrete, metal, and glass.

The Makita 8406C 110V hammer drill has a torque limiter and a powerful motor. It has drilling capacities in the percussion mode of 13mm in steel, 35mm in wood and 20mm in masonry coupled with the dry diamond drilling capacity of 152mm the 8406C is a very proficient machine.

When can it be used?

Although diamond drills are primarily used on concrete, it is a versatile tool that can be applied to virtually any material, including glass, metal, stone, asphalt, and tile. Diamond Drilling is utilized in any situation where precise holes are required including creating large openings for ducts, smaller holes for pipes or wiring, creating holes for the placement or anchoring bolts, or even for concrete samples analysis. Holes can be created to an almost unlimited depth.

Key advantages of diamond core drilling

  • It is much faster and efficient, thus requiring much fewer labor hours, which in turn leads to significantly lower operating costs.
  • It is extremely effective at creating precise holes and cuttings with minimal or non-existent damage to the surroundings. It reduces the amount of debris and almost eliminates dust.
  • Diamond core drilling does not transfer the vibrations to the nearby structures, thus keeping them safe and structurally sound during the drilling operations.
  • It can drill through the toughest of materials while producing very low noise levels.

Advantages of diamond core drills

  • To begin with, these drills are praised for their compactness and lightweight construction.
  • They can be equally useful for both dry and wet drilling
  • Last, but not least, diamond core drills can also run on a variety of power sources, which can include compressed-air or electric motors, as well as hydraulic ones.
  • They are also quite flexible and suitable for a wide range of cutting applications. They can be cut anywhere from 10 millimeters to almost 1000 millimeters, with any required depth.

Diamond core drilling uses a rotary drill with a diamond core attached in order to create precisely measured holes. To build precisely measured holes, diamond core drilling uses a rotary drill with a diamond core attached.

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