Makita DVC863LZ – Brushless L Class Dust Extractor.

Makita DVC863LZ 36V LXT Brushless L-class Dust Extractor Body moves easily on four casters. Weighing just 8.4kg with two batteries installed. The robust casing includes a removable storage box and has large bumper moldings to protect the sidewalls and surfaces.

L Class (low risk) dust includes simple house dust and materials such as soil. The occupational exposure limit for L Class dust is >1 mg/m3, which means you need a dust extractor that catches 99% of the dust.

Features of Brushless L-class Dust Extractor

  1. Longer run time thanks to the brushless motor
  2. Dry-type dust extractor
  3. Variable suction power by dial
  4. Large On/Off switch
  5. A HEPA filter with high filtration capacity for clean exhaust air
  6. Removable storage box
  7. Powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries in series to supply energy to the powerful 36V DC motor drive system
  8. The large bumper protects walls and furniture from bumps and scratches
  9. Caster stopper prevents the cleaner from moving unintentionally.


  1. Continuous Run Time (2 x 5.0Ah): 40 mins
  2. Suction Power (DC): 90 W
  3. Voltage: 36v (2x 18v)
  4. Max Airflow: 2.1 m³/min
  5. Max Sealed Suction: 9.8 kPa
  6. Tank Capacity: 8 liters
  7. Net Weight: 8.4 Kg
Toptopdeal Makita DVC863LZ Dust Extractor

Makita Dust Extractor is a professional range of cordless products. Makita Dust Extractor comes with filters that handle particles of microscopic dust.  Toptopdeal is our online store of power tools, you can buy Dust Extractor.