Makita HR5212C – How to change the Drill bit?

Makita  HM0871C 110V SDS Max AVT  Demolition Hammer has a one-mode operation and Hammer Only. A one-touch sliding chuck adapted for SDS-Max bits. These bits you can easy bit installation and removal.

Toptopdeal Makita  HM0871C110v Sds Max Avt  Demolition Hammer

The Makita HM0871C SDS max demolition hammer drill features soft start, constant speed under load, variable speed, double insulation, Led lamp indicating when to replace the carbon brush. It has a one-touch sliding chuck for easy bit removal.

Changing Bits on a Keyless Drill:

The chuck loosen:

The chuck is a piece on the drill’s end which loosens and tightens to hold the bit. Grasp the chuck with one hand while holding the drill handle with the other. Twist the loosening chuck counterclockwise. Another choice is to gently pull out the trigger while holding the chuck.

Toptopdeal Makita  HM0871C110v Sds Max Avt  Demolition Hammer

Loosening the chuck will open the jaws that clamp onto the drill bit.

Take off that bit:

The drill bit you currently have in the drill should start wobbling after you loosen the chuck. Once the jaws that lock it to the drill are loose you should be able to pull it out of the drill quickly.

Place the bit aside:

Keep the bit with your thumb and index finger so the smooth part of the bit (the shank) meets the chuck’s jaws. Insert the bit into the chuck and pull it back for about a centimeter to you immediately.

Keep your fingers on the bit and the chuck, because the bit is not protected and may fall out.

Squeeze out this button:

Give the trigger a few short squeezes to lock the bit into place. Your other hand should still keep the bit loosely in place while you’re doing this.

Trigger the mechanism of ratcheting, if appropriate:

If your drill has a ratcheting mechanism for adding extra pressure to a drill bit’s shank, you’ll have to click it in place. The ratcheting device next to the chuck is tightly twisted in a clockwise motion to trigger it.

Toptopdeal provides you with a one-touch Makita HR5212C sliding chuck tailored to SDS-Max pieces. These bits you can quickly add and uninstall. Easy start, constant load speed, variable velocity, double insulation, Led light showing when to replace a carbon brush. Long-life carbon brushes with LED lamps for replacement warning.