Makita Impact wrench

Toptopdeal is a famous online store from the UK to purchase Makita Impact Wrench. The Makita DTW285Z 18v LXT Li-ion 1/2 “Brushless Impact Wrench Bare Unit is a cordless impact wrench with a strong maintenance-free brushless DC motor, energy generation is more effective due to no loss of friction caused by brushes, allowing lower amperage for reduced heat production and increased workload on a single full battery charge.  

For tasks that require significantly more torque than a standard drill driver, when you need a heavy-duty tool, our leading range of Makita impact wrenches are just the bit for the job. This is a fully professional tool with enough torque for even the most demanding tasks. This high percussive action saves time and effort, driving screws faster than a conventional drill/driver up to 30 percent.

The brushless motor means that when used under load, it does not compromise the power and has longer life as less friction can cause the tool to burn out. Impact wrenches obtain their immense torque from the tool’s hammering mechanism, which delivers extremely fast strong concussive blows.

Types of Impact Wrench

  • Makita DTW450Z 18V LXT Cordless 1/2″ High Torque Impact Wrench Body Only
  • Makita DTW285Z 18V LXT Cordless Brushless 1/2″ Impact Wrench Body Only
  • Makita DTW251Z 18V LXT Li-Ion 1/2″ Impact Wrench Drive Body Only
  • Makita DTW190Z 18V LXT Li-Ion 1/2″ Square Impact Wrench Body Only
  • Makita DTW1002Z 18V LXT 1/2″ Brushless Impact Wrench Driver Body Only

Features of the Impact wrench

  • Auto-stop mode of reverse rotation: This mode only works by pulling the trigger in a counter-clockwise rotation. The tool stops the impact and rotation in 0.2 seconds when the bolt/nut is loosened enough.
  • XPT technology that protects from dust, moisture and greatly extends the life of the tool.
  • Equipped with battery safety circuit: designed to prevent damage to the battery due to over-discharge, high temperature or overload current.
  • Ergonomic soft grip.
  • Brushless motor for maintenance-free operation and efficiency.
  • Compact design with a length of 147 mm overall.
  • The machine will avoid the impact and rotation in 0.2 seconds if the bolt/nut gets loosened enough.
  • Most impact drivers also have a speed control button to control how quickly or slowly the screw is turned.


Use the dial or switch on the wrench to assign the correct speed and set it to the correct speed for your project. You can attach the correct size socket to the bit on the front of the wrench once you are happy that it will have the correct speed and torque. The wheel’s nuts should be nicely loosened and you can take them off.

Put On Safety Gear

The best way to avoid injury when working with most power tools is to wear the appropriate safety gear. You should also consider wearing lightweight, sturdy and snug gloves when you drive screws with your impact driver to secure your hands in the event of slippage. An impact driver is no exception as it handles a considerable amount of power as it drives screws.

Take the right bit and set it up

The best way to determine what kind of bit you need is to look at your screw head and test its shape. Pair the bit tip with the head of your screw and work your way through the sizes to find one that fits in the space snugly. Usually, it is easier to install a bit of an impact driver than with a drill, which sometimes requires a tool to open the chuck and insert a little bit.