Makita New Compact Jobsite Radio- DMR107

Makita Radios most portable worksite radio.

The Makita DMR107 Jobsite Radio operates from mains power or from your power tool batteries and comes complete with an AC power adapter.

Is Makita DMR107 going to charge my batteries?

Indeed, it is. Not only will it charge the 18v XR batteries, but it will also charge the 54v XR FlexVolt packs when the radio is plugged into the mains, thanks to the built-in 3A adapter. This is always a major “must-have” feature of worksite radios, and it’s nice to see the DMR107 include it.

In addition, any USB device such as your phone, e-cig, The USB and AUX-IN ports are located at the bottom of the radio in a big, sealed off storage tray.

What are the other interesting features of the DMR107?

As far as Makita Radios sources are concerned, it gives you DAB+, FM, and Bluetooth, which are the three options that anyone should be searching for when considering a new radio site.

It helps you to switch your computer from the radio interface so that you can keep your music in a safe place and skip to the next song or click the replay on the radio interface. It also means that you can skip to the next song on your Spotify playlist without pulling your phone out and removing your gloves.

Is Makita DMR107 going to supply power to any other tool?

Yet again, the impact! Sure, there are two AC power outlets on the right of the radio to provide juice for other instruments or computers. It’s a particularly great feature if you don’t want to use the built-in 3A charger, but would prefer to attach your twin Makita battery charger to the transmitter.

Makita DMR107-As for connectivity?

Thankfully, the radio has FM, so you can tune your favorite FM stations to the old-schoolers. But as you expect these days, it also supports DAB+, so you can choose from a wide range of high-quality digital audio stations, depending on your location.

And on top of this, the DMR107 has Bluetooth connectivity. Just hold the Bluetooth button on the radio to pair it and attach your phone or tablet to it. Then you’ll be able to stream music or podcasts from your laptop. You have the choice of keeping your device on or storing it in the accessory box.

Toptopdeal offers a portable radio designed to cope with rough treatment on the job site. Thanks to the twin 76 mm speakers and powerful amplifier, the DMR107 has dust and shower-proof design and an impressive sound. Even though the workplace gets dusty and noisy, you will still be able to hear your favorite tunes.