Nibblers Vs Shears

Nibblers and shears are two of the most common power tools available for cutting sheet metal, providing a faster and less fatiguing alternative to hand tools. However, many inexperienced users are often confused as to the difference between them and the advantages they confer (incidentally both terms – nibblers and shears – can refer to types of hand tools as well, which adds to the confusion slightly).

What is Nibbler?

An easy way to remember how a nibbler works are to imagine it as a sort of motorized metal chewing rodent. It literally nibbles its way through the sheet metal at high speed, spraying out small semicircular chips as it is guided through the workpiece. It does this using a punch & dies assembly at the business end of the tool, which eventually becomes worn and needs replacing.

Makita is one of the leading manufacturers of professional power tools on the market. The DJN161Z cordless nibbler has a Makita built a motor to deliver up to 1,900 spm for faster and smoother cutting. The die holder rotates 360 degrees to meet the demands of cutting direction.

  1. Battery capacity warning lamp.
  2. Rubberized soft grip provides a comfortable and sure grip.
  3. High cutting capacity.
  4. Easy to operate slide-type on/off switch with lock-on function.
  5. Anti restart function for safety.

What are shears?

Makita Metal Shears is that which is used to cut through sheet metal. For fast handling and high maneuverability, it is a compact and lightweight model.

The Makita DJN161Z 1.6mm nibbler is the cordless version of the ever-popular JN1601. a new addition to the Makita Li-Ion range this single-handed shear will suit the professional user. The straight design provides more control and high maneuverability for easy cutting operations.

Toptopdeal Makita DJN161Z Nibbler
  1. 22 minute charge time with the air-cooled Makstar Optimum Charging System.
  2. Side switch
  3. Anti restart switch
  4. Straight body
  5. Electronic brake control
  6. High-performance motor delivers 4,300spm no-load speed

Nibbler and Shears are common power tools. Both have their own features. if you interested to buy, visit our website Toptopdeal.