Problem with SDS Plus hammer drill – Makita DHR171Z

The Makita DHR171Z features an efficient brushless DC motor. For increased productivity and a fully brushless motor to ensure long life and durability. Along with this, it has 3 operating modes (RH, RO & HO) for maximum power. A Makita DHR171Z rotary hammer is a powerful tool capable of performing heavy-duty activities such as drilling and chiseling hard materials. This is similar to a hammer drill in that it drives the bit while it spins too.

Problem with the SDS Plus impact drill:

When using a hammer drill to drill through hard, fragile surfaces such as concrete or glass, a number of issues can arise that can slow or even interrupt work. Below are some common problems that can arise when using a rotary hammer, also known as a rotary hammer. When drilling through various substances.

The drill stops drilling

When drilling into concrete or glass, the next problem is where the bit begins to dig into the material. This is triggered by two events that occur. The first question is that the bit flutes are not removing enough material from the cavity. When the bit comes in contact with a piece of rock, the other trigger of a bound or stuck bit is caused.

Bit jamming

If your bit hits a piece of rock that it can’t break, you need to take action. Insert a sharp punch or concrete nail into the hole. And hit it quickly a few times with a hammer to break the rock. If your first attempt to break the rock fails, use more power with the hammer.

Drill used for a long time

When you use the drill for a long time, the drill will start to heat up. Simply release the button to stop drilling and allow the drill to cool.

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