These models feature a more durable case attachment, which makes it. Ideal for professional use and DIY use. This Makita DFR750Z LXT 18V cordless screwdriver gun with automatic feed. It offers high operating performance due to fast rotation speed and improved screw band control. The MAKITA DFR750Z Self-Feeding Screwdriver has a dust-proof design for a smooth sliding action.

The screw guide prevents tangling of the screw bands and can be folded back against the auto feed box for storage and transport. Equipped with an anti-tilt tool to prevent the screws from swinging when fixing.

  • Anti-tilt system to prevent the screws from swinging.
  • Quiet clutch – less noise at the end of the driving process.
  • Rubber cap securely attached to stopper base for precise positioning and slip prevention.
  • Convenient transport hook for temporarily hanging the tool.


Used for too long: The screwdriver starts to heat up when you use the drill for a long time. Just let the knob turn to stop drilling and let the drill cool down. Make sure the security lock is in place for security reasons. You should start drilling again after it cools down again.

The trigger switch does not work:

Engaged in the secure lock: To start the screwdriver, you must press the button. If the safety lock is locked, you cannot pull the trigger. Before using the device, make sure the safety lock is in forward or reverse.

The trip board has gone bad: if the trip switch pushes down but does not activate the motor. The trigger may be wrong.

Safe guide:

Use of work gloves: Electric drills, especially with high torque, give off intense vibrations. Due to the effect and friction, they can also reach high temperatures. To handle the device safely, you should always wear thick gloves. This is also useful when adjusting the drills or loosening the chuck to avoid contact with the hot surface.

Keep your work piece safe. You don’t want to move the piece of wood or metal you are working on while you are drilling. Secure or lock the workpiece in a vise before applying the power drill to it.

Use the right bit for each job. Make sure you are using the correct bit, depending on the job and content. Over time, it can also damage the power drill.

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