What Are the Benefits of Diamond Core Drilling?

Diamond core drills corded are a precise instrument that creates clean, precise diameter holes ranging from 8 mm to more than 1500 mm. To keep the workspace dust-free, every diamond drill runs water through the driving shaft. It uses a rotary drill with a diamond core attached in order to create precisely measured holes.

The Makita 8406C 110V hammer drill has a torque limiter and a powerful motor. It can accept a large diamond core bit 152 mm (5-7/8″) inch diameter.

  • Percussion action for a pilot hole, rotary-only for diamond core drilling
  • Double insulated
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Excellent for plumbers, electricians, general contractors, hirers
  • Heavy-duty construction ideal for site work use
  • Excellent for plumbers, electricians, and general contractors.

No Mess:

Given the precise accuracy of the holes made with diamond core drilling, you can rest assured that there won’t be as much resulting debris as would be found with a traditional drill. With the fact that you can drill through a whole host of different robust materials with a diamond core drilling.


The precision achieved with a diamond core drill is second-to-none and far usurps that of a traditional drill. Once the diameter has been ascertained, you can be sure that you’re going to get an accurate hole, making this a perfect option for those looking for smaller holes for intricate work.

Environmental Disruption:

This makes it an ideal method for a myriad of applications and means that it won’t disrupt life around it with noisy machinery and tools.

Wide Range of Applications:

Given that diamond core drills can tackle a myriad of different materials – including reinforced concrete, brickwork and stone – there are many reasons why you may opt for the method. Whatever the material, here at Diamond Drilling London, we can perform a wide range of applications, ranging from creating holes in walls and floors.

Underwater Diamond Drilling:

At times, it will be necessary to carry out drilling underwater. Diamond Drilling is the most efficient way to carry out drilling underwater. As these drills are portable, they are easy to maneuver in the water.

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