What can be done by an angle drill? Or How to use Angled Drill for Drill Holes and Screw for Screws in Tight Areas With Limited Space?

Angle Drill is a wireless power tool. It’s something generally used by people in different trades where people need something like this. Makita Angle Drill is a Best cordless as well as a brushless power tool. Instead of trying to bend your neck and back through impossible angles, only use the most flexible of all the drilling tools when you need to drill in a hard-to-reach region. The Makita DDA460ZK twin brushless angle drill is designed to suit the needs of the plumbing and electrical trades. The automatic torque drive optimizes the torque and rpm ratio in any situation for optimum performance.

Advantages of angle drill:

A right angle drill is a tool with plenty of advantages and no real disadvantages:-

Tight Spaces

Right angle drill is designed to access spaces that conventional drill can’t reach, those tight areas behind beams or joists that you just can’t get to otherwise. This is the greatest advantage of the right angle drill, and the reason most people would buy one.


Most of the right angle drills have 3-speed motors. This offers a lot of torque when you need it, and also allows slow drilling when needed.


Through extensions to the drill bit, a right angle drill may hit some very tight spots. While extensions can also be used through traditional drills, a right angle drill allows you to drill almost anywhere in the building.


Some right-angle drills allow the removal of the drive head and for the chuck to be used as a conventional drill. That makes it an ideal, versatile replacement for your normal drill.


The side handle on a right angle drill gives a great deal more control when using, and some also offer a grip and trigger that will twist, increasing the possibilities when using the right angle drill.

Given the need to access difficult places, the design of the handles makes using the drill much more comfortable.