What is a Makita Screwdriver used for?

Makita Screwdriver DFR550Z Such models feature a more durable casing attachment which makes it ideal for both professional use and DIY use. This 18v Makita DFR550Z LXT 18V cordless auto-feed screwdriver gun provides high operating performance from fast rotational speed and enhanced screw strip control. The Auto-Feed Screwdriver has a dustproof design for smooth-sliding action

The screw guide avoids screw strip tangling and can fold against the auto-feed housing for storage and transport. It has a collated screw scale with a high range of 25 mm to 55 mm. Equipped with an anti-tilt tool to avoid the screws swinging while being fastened.

  • Anti-tilting system to avoid the swaying of screws.
  • Adjustable stopper base with 7 different screw length settings – 4 x 25 – 55 m.
  • Silent clutch – less noise at the end of the driving process.
  • Rubber Cap securely fixed to Stopper Base for accurate positioning and slip prevention.
  • Convenient carry hook for temporarily hooking the tool.


Used for Too Long: The screwdriver DFR550Z starts heating up when you use the drill for a long period of time. Just let the button run to interrupt drilling, and let the drill cool down. Make sure that the safety lock is in place for security purposes. You should restart drilling once it’s cooled down again.

Trigger Switch Do Not Work:

Engaged in a secure lock: To start the screwdriver you have to push down the button. If the safety lock is locked you cannot press the trigger. Before operating the device, ensure the safety lock is switched to forward or reverse.

The Trigger Committee went wrong: If the trigger switch is pushing down but not activating the motor, the trigger could be wrong.

Battery died: If the battery is dead or not properly attached the drill will not operate. Make sure the battery is charged and that the drill is attached.

Slipping Clutch Drill:

Slip-Clutch configuration is not acceptable: If the clutch slips before a screw are completely drilled in, this means that the torque value is not high enough. Simply rotate the setting to a higher value. You may want to change the setting to a lower value when you drill the screw too deeply.

The clutch has numerical values which reflect the amount of torque the drill can exert on a screw. You can set the value of the torque according to the type of screw.

Clutch Leaf Spring Worn Failed: If the clutch does not ‘ click ‘ securely on the right gear, the leaf spring may be worn out or simply lacking. Opening the drill is a common occurrence for somebody and they don’t put the leaf spring back in its proper place before reassembling.

Disconnected battery:

The LED light will not turn on when the battery is removed. Check with our battery replacement guide to make sure the battery is properly attached. Once the battery is properly attached, press the trigger to see whether the light is flashing while the drill spins.

Safe guide:

  • Using Work Gloves: Power drills, especially on high torque, give off intense vibrations. Because of the effect and friction they can also reach high temperatures. To handle the device safely you must always wear thick gloves. This is also helpful when you adjust drill bits or loosen the chuck to avoid contact with the hot surface.
  • Hold your job piece safe: You don’t want to move the piece of wood or metal that you’re working on while you drill. Clampdown or lock the workpiece into a vice before applying the power drill to it.
  • Use the proper drill bit for every job: Ensure you are using the right drill bit, depending on the job and the content. Using the wrong bit will lead to a bad job and will require a lot of force to be used too. With time, it can damage the power drill too.
  • Place the drill bit correctly: Make sure the drill bit is inserted into the chuck correctly and lock it tightly with the chuck key. Your power drill will not make straight holes with a loose bit, and it could slip.
  • Apply appropriate pressure to the Drill: Most of the work should be performed by your power drill, so don’t use too much energy. When you push too hard, you can slip the power drill or you can strain the engine.