You have a jigsaw on your table, a circular saw and a miter saw. Were you just looking for a mutual saw? We will cover what recipes saws are in this section, and why you need one. The Bosch Reciprocating Saws are built to perform even the toughest demolition work. Such powerful tools allow you to smash through boards and materials that you usually can’t remove.


The Bosch GSA 18V-LI  18V  is an 18v cordless reciprocating saw. This saw will accept both reciprocating saw blades and jigsaw blades due to its jigsaw blade compatible blade clamp and adjustable shoe. The saw has two switch levers with variable speed control.

What is a Reciprocating Saw Used For?

Basically, these are hand-held saws that take over when hammers and crowbars fail; demolition work. Yes, that’s the primary use for a reciprocating saw, to cut and rip out the materials around doors, windows, and when cutting through joists and plasterboard, etc. As reciprocating saws accept a huge variety of blades designed for cutting through wood, metal, and plasterboard, they’ll be able to quickly and relatively cleanly slice through any frames, walls, or fixings you throw at it.

How a Reciprocating Saw Works:

As a result, many jigsaw blades will fit in the reciprocating saw. And you’ll usually find a similar fitting mechanism to the one found in your jigsaw. For working in dark areas, look for a reciprocating saw with an LED light, placed similarly to where you’d find it in a jigsaw.

Which reciprocating saw blade should I use?

The handling of a reciprocating saw is different from any other saw in your kit. It doesn’t have a flat base which makes it perfect for working in awkward areas. There’s typically an adjustable foot that can be slid up or down, depending on the length of blade you have fitted, to help you control the cut. The saw will be designed with a rubberized boot that you grip while you work. Again, this helps with controlling the cut but also helps reduce the hand/arm vibration felt while cutting.

This makes this multi-use saw from Bosch even more versatile due to the vast range of blades available. It’s compact with a dual variable speed switch option for control from the handle or paddle switch on the body which allows you to change your grip accordingly.

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