What to look for when choosing the best SDS drill?

When you talk to someone who is doing demolition work, they can tell you a story about their Bosch. An SDS drill is designed for such workload and pressure. You need the best SDS drill you can get your hands on!

Today we are focusing on Bosch GBH 18V-26 F SDS + brushless rotary hammer drill. The tool is compact, which makes it perfect for these small areas. Don’t worry, the tool might be small, but the power is there.

Bosch SDS + GBH 18V-26 F brushless rotary hammer drill

Bosch GBH 18V-26 F SDS + brushless rotary hammer drill without dust thanks to the new optional integrated GDE 18V-26 dust extraction system. 50% more power than previous Bosch 18V brushless SDS model.

The Bosch SDS impact drill is a brushless drill. It has incredible power and the ability to give high performance. Bosch SDS impact drill without dust thanks to the new integrated drill. It has Kickback Control, a built-in sensor in stall situations to stop tool rotation.

Features of the Bosch Cordless Rotary Hammer

While you can use any Bosch 18V lithium battery on this tool, you will get the biggest kick out of the Bosch 18V Core battery.

Bosch designed this tool to tackle the toughest jobs. The tool is compact and light. This tool provides electronic motor protection to protect the motor from overheating. The tool offers three modes of operation. Drilling, chiseling, drilling and hammering.

The tool has a D-shaped grip design which makes it much more comfortable than a pistol grip. The rubber and textured grip contributes to stability even in dusty conditions.

The large, variable speed trigger is nice. Some may use two fingers with this switch. We found it easy to maintain a constant speed when drilling.

The SDS chuck is tool-free. Just insert your bit and when you want to remove just pull on the neck and you can remove the bit.

Bosch Cordless Rotary Hammer Performance

Drilling a hole with this hammer drill felt like drilling into wood. As with the chipping, I didn’t feel a ton of feedback in my hands and arms. Another reason Bosch is one of the pioneers in the field of concrete.

The tool is powerful and compact, making it perfect for even tight spaces. We love how little vibration you feel. We found it amazing that such a small tool could hold so much energy, yet produce so little feedback to the user’s hands and arms.

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