Why Do I Need M Class Dust Extraction?

M Class dust extractors are vital for use with hardwoods, board materials like MDF or when working on brick or concrete. The latter two, in particular, require M Class extraction as the minimum allowed level of dust control.

The Makita VC3012M 240V is an M-Class dust extractor that will remove 99.9% of the dust. This product features a cleaning system for push and clean filters and an advanced solution for tubing. Two clamps on the back of the toolboxes include a high filtration efficiency and durability washable PET fleece filter that protects the turbine by holding back fine dust and debris.

Toptopdeal Why Do I Need M Class Dust Extraction
  • Push and clean system: takes just seconds to clean the filter
  • Washable PET cartridge tank, by holding back fine dust and debris, protects the turbine.
  • During use and transportation, the motorhead model incorporates an area for tool processing.
  • Innovative solution for holding the pipe with two clamps on the back of the toolbox.
  • Power cable space with 3 motorhead and toolbox repair points.
  • For convenient storage, floor nozzles and extension tubes can be attached to the body.

Makita VC4210MX 110V M-Class Dust Extractor 42L with Power Take Off. This versatile extractor of dust is suitable for mica processes. Due to the airflow detector, which beeps when airflow is through, it is extremely user-friendly. For some wood dust, they are appropriate. MDF and dust from, among other materials; concrete with quartz, cement, plaster, grouting of tiles, sand and pebbles.

  • Approved for Dust Classes M with alarm fitting in accordance with the EU standard.
  • Automatic cleaning system for filters.
  • High filtration quality, robust PTFE filter. A washable membrane that is non-stick.
  • Flat top model for hand tools and accessories to be stored.
  • Hatchback with large opening for easy filter access.

It is helpful to reduce the number of yearly fatalities due to the inhalation of harmful dust particles. Because your health matters more than speed or convenience and as a result, owning and using an M Class filter is imperative. It’s the law if you work on-site, and it’s just good common sense for everyone else, particularly when working on brick or concrete.

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