We are proud to store a carefully curated selection of MAKITA ANGLE DRILL at Toptopdeal.co.uk to give you convenient access to hard-to – reach locations. If you’re at home or on site, we have the ideal solution for cordless choices.

Our cordless-only body styles are good when you need something lightweight, portable, and simple to handle because the lack of a cord makes them better suited to performing tasks in small spaces.

In the hardest holes and spaces where you need to hit the screws, our line of Makita ® right angle drills features a range of devices suitable for any set of tight corners. With over a century of power tool making experience, each Makita drill produced is based on proven design and made using only the highest quality available materials.

We also stock Makita drill bit kits and sets as well as our collection of Makita angle drills, so you can find everything in the same place. Not sure which of our drills fits your application best? Then come to contact our team.


Makita DDA460ZK 36V LXT Cordless Brushless Angle Drill Body in Case. The twin brushless angle drill Makita DDA460ZK is designed to meet plumbing and electrical business needs. The DDA460ZK is ideal for driving between joists ‘ space through large diameter holes. A broad beast designed for the most challenging drilling which offers high speeds beyond AC machines. Able to drill large holes with a hole saw up to 159 mm to match services. It would not be able to fit a relatively slim profile in other machines in the field. 

Stuff that we liked

As you can see, this right angle Makita drill packs a surprising amount of useful features. That are bound to make it incredibly popular in the months ahead. One of the biggest selling points is the design itself-it is a lightweight, cordless device. That makes drilling in small spaces a total breeze.

We liked the presence of Star Protection Computer Controls because it prevents the system from overheating during long drilling.

If you sometimes have to work in tight spaces and don’t like the hassle that comes with extension cords, definitely consider having MAKITA DDA351Z. We find this to be a well-constructed right angle drill that works just as advertised, with a slim design. Keyless chuck, Star Safety Computer Controls, strong motor and many other impressive features.

As far as we’re concerned, Makita is just another fantastic device and one that certainly deserves the success it has.

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