Bosch GRL900-20HVK Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Kit


For accurate outdoor and indoor leveling, the Bosch GRL900-20HVK Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Kit provides a comprehensive solution. It features a self-leveling horizontal/vertical laser that is suitable for applications of leveling, aligning and squaring. The rotary laser provides an adjustable range of frequency and manual scanning angles for maximum visibility under different lighting conditions.

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Bosch GRL900-20HVK Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Kit

The Bosch GRL 900-20HVK offers fully automatic dial-in slope and centerline modes for consistent leveling to 1650 ft. Lithium-ion power is behind a system that fast charges laser and receiver at the same time. With a laser receiver of 100 Ft and a range of up to 1,000 Ft. The remote/receiver is 2 devices in 1, so all information is in hand for easy 1-person operation. Bosch GRL 900-20HVK delivers accuracy of up to ±1/8 In. at 100 Ft, and a range of up to 1,000 Ft. with an LR10 laser receiver.

Everything you need to begin leveling right out of the box. Since the introduction of the first Bosch measuring tool, Bosch has become a worldwide leader in measurement technology through innovation and advanced engineering.  By offering an extensive range of line lasers, laser distance measurers, rotary lasers, point lasers, digital levels, optical levels and measuring tool accessories.

Rotary laser levels are used for construction projects indoors to shoot a 360-degree horizontal or vertical beam around a room, or outdoors to be used with a laser detector and grade rod for excavation for both digging down or building up. The beam of light is created by what is called a diode, which in this case is simply a semiconductor that produces light when current passes through it. We see diodes every day on our CD players, computers and television remote controls.
  •  GR 8 8-Ft. Leveling Rod
  •  WM 24 Wall Mount
  • Red Laser Glasses
  • (1) Red Target Card
  • (2) D Batteries


  • Comprehensive rotary laser package – features a horizontal/vertical rotary laser with a working range of up to 1,000 Ft. and includes a laser receiver LR10, remote control, tripod, grade pin, wall mount, laser glasses, target card and carrying case.
  • Vertical beam functionality – provides a vertical beam and 90 ° point for applications in layout, squaring and plumbing
  • Electronic self-leveling – enables easy installation and use on the job
  • Track disturbance – indicates if the location of the device changes to ensure consistent leveling accuracy
  • Reliable accuracy – offers ±1/8 in. 100 Ft. the accuracy of confidence in the job setup

Additional information

  • (1) GRL900-20HV Self-Leveling Rotary Laser
  • (1) LR10 Laser Receiver
  • (1) BT160 Aluminum Tripod
  • (1) GR 8 8-Ft. Leveling Rod
  • (1) RC1 Remote Control
  • (1) WM 24 Wall Mount
  • (1) Red Laser Glasses
  • (1) Red Target Card
  • (2) D Batteries
  • (3) AA Batteries
  • (1) Carrying Case