What to look for when choosing the best SDS drill?


When you talk to someone who is doing demolition work, they can tell you a story about their Bosch. An SDS drill is designed for such workload and pressure. You need the best SDS drill you can get your hands on!

Today we are focusing on Bosch GBH 18V-26 F SDS + brushless rotary hammer drill. The tool is compact, which makes it perfect for these small areas. Don’t worry, the tool might be small, but the power is there.

Bosch SDS + GBH 18V-26 F brushless rotary hammer drill

Bosch GBH 18V-26 F SDS + brushless rotary hammer drill without dust thanks to the new optional integrated GDE 18V-26 dust extraction system. 50% more power than previous Bosch 18V brushless SDS model.

The Bosch SDS impact drill is a brushless drill. It has incredible power and the ability to give high performance. Bosch SDS impact drill without dust thanks to the new integrated drill. It has Kickback Control, a built-in sensor in stall situations to stop tool rotation.

Features of the Bosch Cordless Rotary Hammer

While you can use any Bosch 18V lithium battery on this tool, you will get the biggest kick out of the Bosch 18V Core battery.

Bosch designed this tool to tackle the toughest jobs. The tool is compact and light. This tool provides electronic motor protection to protect the motor from overheating. The tool offers three modes of operation. Drilling, chiseling, drilling and hammering.

The tool has a D-shaped grip design which makes it much more comfortable than a pistol grip. The rubber and textured grip contributes to stability even in dusty conditions.

The large, variable speed trigger is nice. Some may use two fingers with this switch. We found it easy to maintain a constant speed when drilling.

The SDS chuck is tool-free. Just insert your bit and when you want to remove just pull on the neck and you can remove the bit.

Bosch Cordless Rotary Hammer Performance

Drilling a hole with this hammer drill felt like drilling into wood. As with the chipping, I didn’t feel a ton of feedback in my hands and arms. Another reason Bosch is one of the pioneers in the field of concrete.

The tool is powerful and compact, making it perfect for even tight spaces. We love how little vibration you feel. We found it amazing that such a small tool could hold so much energy, yet produce so little feedback to the user’s hands and arms.

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Introducing The New Makita DSC102Z Cordless Threaded Rod Cutter


Makita has come out with a brushless solution to make simple and precise Makita DSC102Z Threaded Rod Cuts. It varies from its main competitor in the style which should make it much easier for overhead cuts.


The Makita DCS102Z is a cordless threaded rod cutter. It is suitable for cutting mild steel threaded rod in sizes M6, M8, and M10. The DSC102 provides a quick clean cut without the need to de-burr the rod before threading on a nut. It can cut up to 1700 M10 cuts on a single 5Ah battery.

A LED light helps to locate the rod for perfect rod drops. The brushless motor is maintenance-free and more efficient than a brushed counterpart. It providing around 30% more run time per battery charge and the cutting dies are reversible for long life.

What’s The Big Deal?


The biggest talking point about the Makita threaded rod cutter revolves around the tool’s design, size, and weight. 

There’s a hang hook onboard, but Makita advises against using it on your belt to avoid potential injury. Instead, they make a shoulder strap to free up your hands when you’re climbing with it.

Making the Cut

The Makita DSC102Z can tackle all your course thread mild and stainless steel threaded rod using reversible, double-edged cutting dies.

Like other shearing systems, this threaded rod cutter leaves your rod burr-free and nut-ready. No more deburring a bunch of shrapnel from the end of your cut rods, no sir.

The easiest cuts are when you’re trimming installed rods. Line up the threads on the inside die and pull the trigger. 

Making the Switch

You need the onboard hex wrench to swap out the dies. Once you do, though, it’s just a matter of removing the bolts, making the swap, and screwing them back in.

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DeWalt DCF887N 18V XR Impact Driver Review.


Get what fits best for you and your job. With a wide selection of cordless impact drivers for action. Add brushless motors that prolong the engine life and boost the tool’s runtime. And you have impact drivers and impact wrenches that provide what you want.

The DeWALT DCF887N 18V XR Brushless Impact Driver features 3-speed settings. PrecisionDrive mode offers additional control in screwdriver applications to avoid material and fastener damage. The variable speed trigger offers additional control, making work faster, easier, and avoiding material and fastener damage. In addition to this, a specialist SBS module derives more power from the motor. 

The impact driver also includes an ergonomic cold-forged impactor handle that improves overall durability. It has a super lightweight and compact design that is very comfortable to use and fits in small spaces. 

Speed Under Load

In our speed test, the DeWalt DCF887N maintains 429 RPM under load. We expect to see a Pro-level impact driver in this class maintain a 400+ RPM. The DeWalt can hit this mark with a comfortable margin and has no trouble driving a 1/4″ screw, though it finishes.

Fastening Torque

Despite its adequate-but-forgettable performances in the speed test, the DCF887 gets its act together in the torque department. When we test for fastening torque, we expect to see these tools generating at least 1500 in-lbs of hard torque.

Nut-Busting Torque

Cranking out a respectable 3000 in-lbs of nut-busting torque, the DCF887 finishes our testing tied for 6th place with 5 other models. A quick conversion brings that 3000 in-lbs to 250 ft-lbs – the same kind of power we see in compact impact wrenches.

Three-speed settings with a precision mode

We like mechanical switches as opposed to blister buttons. They are more reliable and durable than their electric counterparts. The DCF887 has three-speed settings for customizing your speed and power. Plus, the first setting acts as a precision mode for delicate applications and finish work.

Will the DeWalt DCF887 reflect an update? If DeWalt decides to chase bigger numbers, for sure. There’s no reason to shy away from this model and we don’t see a reason to change it for anything minor unless DeWalt has a big improvement up their hands.

Toptopdeal.in provides the DeWalt’s Max range runs deep, and if you’re looking to move into a new cordless platform, the DCF887 is a great place to get started. 

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Makita 125mm 18V Angle Grinder Review!


Makita DGA517Z 125mm offers compact, small and practical angle grinders. It helps you smooth and grind surfaces with ease. Angle grinder with soft start for smooth starts and variable speed control depending. The speed of the device to produce up to 8,500 rpm.

Makita DGA517Z 18V LXT brushless 125mm angle grinder only. Angle grinder with soft start for smooth starts. And variable speed control to match machine speed for output up to 8,500 rpm. The Makita 125mm DGA517Z features an automatic torque drive that changes both speed and torque, depending on the load. Lower speed with more torque.

This improves safety and efficiency when this angle grinder is in operation. Grinders have a range of uses, suitable for grinding, scraping, polishing and sanding, so they are an essential tool in many industries.


The key event in this grinding angle is that it features a new Autostart Wireless System (AWS) from Makita. This device uses Bluetooth technology to communicate power on and power off wirelessly between the machine and the dust extractor, saving battery and valuable time.

With AWS, this angle grinder can be connected via Bluetooth to compatible dust extractors. AWS will also help you reduce the risk of displacement that you may have encountered before when reconnecting the cable. The dust extractor only works when the power tool is in use. Therefore, drastically decreases continuous noise at work or on the job site, which means everyone is happy.

Best Angle Grinder Ratings 2020 and Buyer’s Guide

An angle grinder is an important device that you can consider when taking your art to the next level. You can’t ignore the importance of having the right tools on hand. Whether you’re grinding, cutting metals, or polishing that classic car.

Although the consumer may face certain safety risks. Several models are designed to provide the best possible protection when using this device. Other features that provide the correct amount of power for the mission, size, and particular spares should also be able to match a good model. It has provided you with the most acceptable angle grinders worthy of your investment.

We hope you find this article useful. If you are interested in purchasing a Makita angle grinder and other professional brand power tools, please visit our Toptopdeal website.

Main characteristics of the Dewalt Router – DCW604NT-XJ


Routers are one of my favorite power tools. With a router, you can add just about any detail and completely change the look.

Dewalt DCW604NT-XJ 18V LXT Li-Ion Brushless Router

Dewalt DCW604NT-XJ 18V LXT Li-Ion Brushless Router. For a smooth and fast cut with an extended opening. A smooth start and an electric brake make this a precision tool that you can handle with ease. Introducing Dewalt first cordless trimmer, featuring the same basic form factor as the compact electric router.

With more torque at your disposal, less power is required for day to day use, adding to the efficiency of the motor and extending the products overall lifetime as maintenance becomes less of an issue. A soft start and electric brake make this a precision tool that you will be able to handle with ease. Electronic speed control keeps the speed constant during heavy use

Main characteristics

Brushless motor

As the tool industry cuts the cord more and more products, tools like wireless routers really benefit from brushless motors. The Makita 18V LXT Brushless Router takes advantage of a motor manufactured by Makita. With it, you will get better range than with a brushed motor. It also allows more power to be transferred from the battery to the motor.


Makita tends to do a very good job in the ergonomics department. And the handling of this model really stands out. A wireless router isn’t a tool that suffers terribly from a few extra ounces. But a strong, comfortable grip really helps with precision work. Makita does a good job here.

It’s wireless

We would be remiss if we fail to mention that this is a wireless router. However, we will also wonder how carefully you read the notice if you have just understood it. It’s the constant cord management that occurs with a wired router that we don’t miss.

Overall, this is a great router. I love how Makita didn’t cut corners with this router. The router is smooth and has a decent uptime. The router is powerful and is just one of those tools that you have to use to enjoy.

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Problem with SDS Plus hammer drill – Makita DHR171Z


The Makita DHR171Z features an efficient brushless DC motor. For increased productivity and a fully brushless motor to ensure long life and durability. Along with this, it has 3 operating modes (RH, RO & HO) for maximum power. A Makita DHR171Z rotary hammer is a powerful tool capable of performing heavy-duty activities such as drilling and chiseling hard materials. This is similar to a hammer drill in that it drives the bit while it spins too.

Problem with the SDS Plus impact drill:

When using a hammer drill to drill through hard, fragile surfaces such as concrete or glass, a number of issues can arise that can slow or even interrupt work. Below are some common problems that can arise when using a rotary hammer, also known as a rotary hammer. When drilling through various substances.

The drill stops drilling

When drilling into concrete or glass, the next problem is where the bit begins to dig into the material. This is triggered by two events that occur. The first question is that the bit flutes are not removing enough material from the cavity. When the bit comes in contact with a piece of rock, the other trigger of a bound or stuck bit is caused.

Bit jamming

If your bit hits a piece of rock that it can’t break, you need to take action. Insert a sharp punch or concrete nail into the hole. And hit it quickly a few times with a hammer to break the rock. If your first attempt to break the rock fails, use more power with the hammer.

Drill used for a long time

When you use the drill for a long time, the drill will start to heat up. Simply release the button to stop drilling and allow the drill to cool.

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The Makita JV103DZ is a compact and lightweight Jigsaw powered by Makita lithium-ion batteries. This jigsaw has on the trigger switch a locking mechanism. That enables continuous operation and reduces fatigue when making long cuts. As well as straight cutting, the blade can also be placed in three orbital cutting positions. And an improved dust extraction facility is also available.

The slide battery easily fits into the equipment and new chargers and has the same high level of structural strength. As it has built-in protection to avoid overloading or over-discharge.

  • JV103DZ DC motor with high power to weight and size ratio
  • 3 orbital settings plus straight cutting
  • Blower function – blows sawdust off the line cut
  • The large 2 finger variable speed trigger makes this jigsaw easy to operate even with gloves on.
  • No-load speed reduction feature automatically reduces SPM for more accurate cutting starts

If Jigsaw is not cutting straight

Do not drive the saw too hard during cutting. The more you push the blade forward, the more you want it to bend. Combining a good quality jigsaw with a quality guide bearing and a quality blade. You’ll be well on your way every time to the perfect jigsaw split.

Power is on, engine is not running:

  • Engine is dead

  If the gears are off, then the engine may be dead. Replace the engine, or   replace the device.

Jig saw: blade doesn’t suit

The blade on your jigsaw doesn’t suit? Inspect for damage from the tube, gears, carbon brushes, bearings.

Bearings: Lift off the clamping screw and base to check the bearings. Replace the screws together to lock the cover, and open the door. Remove holders from hair. 

Carbon Brushes: The brushes of carbon transmit energy to the armature. These don’t transfer power if the brushes are worn out, allowing the blade to remain still. Remove the brushes and remove the holder. Place the fresh brushes into the holder and in the case reinstall.

The motor works but the sound of grinding comes from inside!

  • Blade guide broken: The blade guide can be worn, or broken, if the gears and motor run fine. Replace the Manual.
  • The motor is broken, and magnets are destroyed: But it may make sounds as if it were broken. Replace the motor, or uninstall the tool.
  • Remove the dirt, add a few drops of motor oil and safely check out the device. Replace device, if sound persists.

Breakers Tripped

Each circuit has a breaker which reduces the risk of electrical shock. The breakers will periodically activate and turn off a circuit. You need to locate the breaker box to reset the circuit, and mark the breaker that popped. Normally you just have to find the one in the OFF place and turn it to the ON.

Stay safe as the Jigsaw uses:

  • A jigsaw has a relatively visible edge so keep away from the business end-all of your appendices. 
  • Check that your blade is smooth and fit for purpose. Old blades go brittle and appear to break when cutting-you and your workpiece are in danger.

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In almost all DIY and home improvement projects, Dewalt DCD996N cordless drills are used, but do you really know how to adjust one to maximize its efficiency? Just mount the bit and pull the trigger to properly use a drill.

The Dewalt DCD996N Combination Hammer is the successor to the DCD995, with an improved and larger brushless motor that delivers up to 34% more power. DeWalt has improved airflow to this engine which keeps it cool and at peak performance.

Forward / reverse control

Each exercise has a reverse and forward control. Each side of the switch should have corresponding arrows to help indicate direction. This will secure the device by placing the switch in the center.

Adjust the speed

Most drills / drivers have two speeds, but for an even finer change, this one has three. The adjustable gearing provides flexibility depending on the role you are going to play. Setting 1 is low speed / high torque and is best suited for screwing. Edition 2 is an average speed / torque and can be used for drilling or moving. When the unit is at a complete stop, do not change the gear switch or you may damage the gear.

Adjust the clutch

The most important feature to have dialed in is the clutch adjustment. Place the arrow to lower the adjustment and start moving a screw to change your clutch. The clutch will disengage the motor if there is too much resistance. Set the clutch to a higher number and find the sweet spot that drives the screw to the desired depth without disengaging the motor or overdriving the screw.

Drill handle

The Dewalt Cordless Drill is equipped with a removable handle that provides a bit more power and leverage to drive the drill into cement or brick when attached. To assemble the handle, turn it in the opposite direction to loosen it enough to slide on the front of the drill, then turn it clockwise to straighten it around your neck.

Charge indicator

Many wireless devices will have a battery indicator block that will show your remaining battery charge. Tap the battery icon to turn on the light. If it’s not on battery, some devices will also have these lights built in. When a battery dies, it literally stops working without any delay or warning.

Toptopdeal clearly provides you with brushless motors, larger Ah batteries and others that make it a tool that offers better value for money and higher specifications. So I’ll end by saying that the Dewalt DCD996N Brushless Combi Drill is really very good and I would take one there.

Makita JV103DZ- Is this Jigsaw is Right for You?


While it may seem like a relatively simple and straightforward tool, the puzzle actually has a variety of features that set the Makita JV103DZ quality apart from one another. Some of these characteristics are fairly obvious, such as engine power or the number of strokes.

However, many features may be less obvious whether or not the gears are housed in a metal container or the directional movements of the blade during the cutting stroke.

Makita JV103DZ 10.8V CXT Slide Brushless Bow Handle Jigsaw

Makita JV103DZ 10.8V CXT Slide Brushless Bow Handle Jigsaw Body Only.  The “Soft no-load” function automatically reduces the motor speed during idling to suppress the vibration of the machine body. The JV103D features a top “hook” handle style and is suitable for woodworkers, cabinet makers, remodelers and general contractors.

There are two LEDs above each side of the blade which provide more than enough light to see where you are cutting.

Setting up your blade works great, you don’t need to pull the trigger to slide the blade in, it just clicks inside. It is pull the release and it pops up right away.

It has one setting for straight cut, then three settings for orbital cuts. On the back of the machine, just above the battery, there are six different settings for your speed.

One of my favorite blades to use in this jigsaw is an adapter blade for precision work.

Cut more than wood

It can also slice through harder surfaces like steel, fiberglass and even drywall, making the tool a valuable addition to your shop because of its versatility.


Modern jigsaws have the ability to operate cordlessly, which makes it a dream to use as builders. It can twist and turn freely to accommodate the elaborate curves when cutting boards. In addition to supporting any movement, even in small spaces, cordless jigsaws ensure that you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting dangling ropes.

Efficient cutting

Its efficiency at making angular cuts makes it a handy tool for fancy wood projects. They are heavy on design, especially for beginners who are not yet ready to switch to using adjustable table saws.

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You have a jigsaw on your table, a circular saw and a miter saw. Were you just looking for a mutual saw? We will cover what recipes saws are in this section, and why you need one. The Bosch Reciprocating Saws are built to perform even the toughest demolition work. Such powerful tools allow you to smash through boards and materials that you usually can’t remove.


The Bosch GSA 18V-LI  18V  is an 18v cordless reciprocating saw. This saw will accept both reciprocating saw blades and jigsaw blades due to its jigsaw blade compatible blade clamp and adjustable shoe. The saw has two switch levers with variable speed control.

What is a Reciprocating Saw Used For?

Basically, these are hand-held saws that take over when hammers and crowbars fail; demolition work. Yes, that’s the primary use for a reciprocating saw, to cut and rip out the materials around doors, windows, and when cutting through joists and plasterboard, etc. As reciprocating saws accept a huge variety of blades designed for cutting through wood, metal, and plasterboard, they’ll be able to quickly and relatively cleanly slice through any frames, walls, or fixings you throw at it.

How a Reciprocating Saw Works:

As a result, many jigsaw blades will fit in the reciprocating saw. And you’ll usually find a similar fitting mechanism to the one found in your jigsaw. For working in dark areas, look for a reciprocating saw with an LED light, placed similarly to where you’d find it in a jigsaw.

Which reciprocating saw blade should I use?

The handling of a reciprocating saw is different from any other saw in your kit. It doesn’t have a flat base which makes it perfect for working in awkward areas. There’s typically an adjustable foot that can be slid up or down, depending on the length of blade you have fitted, to help you control the cut. The saw will be designed with a rubberized boot that you grip while you work. Again, this helps with controlling the cut but also helps reduce the hand/arm vibration felt while cutting.

This makes this multi-use saw from Bosch even more versatile due to the vast range of blades available. It’s compact with a dual variable speed switch option for control from the handle or paddle switch on the body which allows you to change your grip accordingly.

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