Feider FST212 Petrol scarifier 212 cm³ 30 L 2000 m²


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Feider  FST212 Petrol scarifier 212 cm³ 30 L 2000 m²

The Feider FST212 Lawn Scarifier has been equipped with a most-powerful-in-class 212cc air-cooled four-stroke OHV engine that develops an impressive 3hp.

Its 18 sharp-tipped steel blades will gently – but comprehensively – tease-out any accumulation. It might be stifling growth, in turn enabling the turf to thrive and flourish once again. With the working-depth set to a lower position, the blades will cut practically invisible slits in the ground. So as to provide water, oxygen, and vital nutrients with better access to the root system.

  • Parfait pour les surfaces dépassant les 2000m², le scarificateur thermique offre un excellent résultat pour un moindre effort
  • Choisissez la performance et la puissance grâce au moteur de 212 cm³
  • Grand confort d’utilisation avec son grand bac de ramassage de 30L pour les grands travaux.
  • Possibility to choose up to 8 different working heights to meet your requirements.


Cubic capacity 212 cm³
Recommended area 2000 m²
Width of the housing 44.8 cm
Cutting width 40 cm
Deck material steel deck
Number of steel blade 18
Catcher bag 30 L
Stainless steel work knives Yes
Working depth +5 / -15 mm
Adjustable working height Yes
Folding handlebar Yes
Ball bearing Yes
Wheel diameter 175 mm
Net weight (kg) 34
Dimensions 62.5 x 64 x 64 cm