Makita D-47282 Hole Saw Kit 9pcs/set (19,22,29,35,38,51,54,57,68mm)


Makita D-47282 Hole Saw Kit 9pcs/set (19,22,29,35,38,51,54,57,68mm)

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Makita D-47282 Hole Saw Kit 9pcs/set (19,22,29,35,38,51,54,57,68mm)

The Makita D-47282 12-piece BiM hole saw kit is characterized by excellent quality and perfect sawing results. Sawing, drilling, and cutting group machines and tools for the extraction or drilling of material.
Tools are instruments aimed at performing a mechanical task when some kind of force is applied to them. There is a wide variety of tools, such as cutting, clamping, hitting, joining, assembling, or measuring tools.

  • The Bi-Metal holesaw range has a vari-pitch tooth design and is recommended for cutting steel, aluminum, copper, brass, wood, and plastic.
  • Application: Trunking, conduit, pipe, kitchen, bathroom Hardwood, Softwood, Metal, Mild Steel, Aluminium, PVC.
  • Features: Bi-metal holesaws with variable tooth pitch.
  • Arbors are available with hex (3 jaw chuck) and SDS-PLUS shanks.
  • Aluminum case
  • Fast cutting and long life. Sizes carefully selected for the needs of the professional electrician
  • Kit Contains: Holesaw sizes 19, 22, 29, 35, 38, 51, 54, 57, 68mm, plus x2 Arbor and x1 eject spring.